The Anatomy of a TEL Course [Infographic]

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Featured, Learning Design

Online courses run the gamut from 10 minutes of a talking head video from a subject matter expert (or someone who thinks they are a subject matter expert) to a rigorous college-level course that requires dozens of hours of reviewing, analyzing, and explaining the material. 

The talking head will help you change your showerhead. The college-level curriculum will help you advance in a degree program and ultimately a career.

At TEL Education, we’re fixated on creating online courses that ask students to do more than regurgitate facts and dates. We build courses where every piece is intentional and aligns with a course objective, from an individual quiz question to the linked resources. 

That’s why we call our courses Highly Engineered. The intentionality helps students learn more in less time. Here’s how we do that:

The Anatomy of a TEL Education Course Infographic

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