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On Pursuing “Demonstrable Equity” in Higher Education

Thanks, in part, to the various forms of consternation caused by COVID-19, the theme of the value of college degrees is back. One particular discussion is around which colleges and universities students should look to for better earnings after graduation. And, while a...

Education Futures Podcast 20: Sandra Powell, Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy

"In the past, there were a lot of things that students didn't get to do simply because of where they lived. That to me, I think, is probably the most exciting thing about education is that the doors are opening wide for every student."   After spending time in the...

Building Equity in Education Through Affordability

In a recent post, I detailed several of the benefits associated with equity in education. In short, equity in education leads to improved social mobility, increased education attainment by a greater portion of the population (particularly among disadvantaged youth),...

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