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Making Learning Visible With Badges [Infographic]

​General education courses are often a blur of readings, papers, and maybe a presentation thrown in for good measure. But ask any student two semesters away from their American Government course what they learned, and you are likely to get a few points on separation...

3 Reasons to Make Learning Visible with Badges

There should be no mystery in what students are learning. And yet, when students finish most courses, it’s not clear what skills or competencies they developed, much less what those competencies could mean for them down the road. Sure, they researched and wrote a...

Education Futures Podcast 25: Making Learning Visible with Stacy Zemke

"The whole idea of the dashboard is to make all of those invisible things visible. To give them a place where they can see, 'Oh, okay, I took these classes and these classes are tied to these skills. And hey, I'm making progress on learning that skill. That's kind of...

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