Highlighting Your Brand With Custom Course Login Pages

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Featured, News

For schools that don’t use LTI integrations to automatically sign in from their LMS, online courses can sometimes feel separate from the rest of a student’s courses.

To help with this, and to bring TEL courses more seamlessly into schools’ existing ecosystems, TEL Education is rolling out a new feature for its TEL Learning Platform: Custom Course Login Pages.

This feature allows schools several options for branding their login page and tailoring their institutional message to encourage students along their educational journey. Now, even without an LTI integration, schools using TEL courses can share their brand, mission, and resources easily and effectively with students.

Here are some of the features of the custom login page. All of these pieces are optional and can be easily toggled on or off based on the preference of the school.

Screenshot of TEL Platform Custom Login Page Example

Screenshot of the TEL Platform custom login page example

Welcome Message

Let students know that you are excited about their learning journey, and tailor the message to the type of students who are using these courses. If they are dual credit students, encourage them on their college path. If they are general education college students, keep them engaged by showing them what is in store with their future degree programs. This text box can include images, lists, and hyperlinked resources that give students more information about degree programs and admission requirements.

Welcome Video

High schools can embed a polished admissions video from their transcribing partner, or you can create something specific for where your learners are in their journey. Highlight the value they’ll get from taking courses through your institution and the doors they are opening by taking this important step toward an affordable college education. Embed videos directly from Vimeo or YouTube.


Keep course dates in one place with drop dates and course end dates right on the login page. For dual credit students, this is also a good spot to highlight recruiting and admissions events, such as open houses, informational webinars, or college fairs. You can schedule the events ahead of time and have them fall off after the event is over.

Resource Links

Have additional resources that might be helpful for students to have right at their fingertips, such as policies, links to success centers, or frequently asked questions? You can now easily add external URLs to the login page for your TEL courses.

Social Media Feed

Make sure students are up to date with school news and announcements. You can embed your Facebook or Twitter feed so students can easily see what’s happening on your campus. There is also a place to link to your social media channels so students can easily follow you.

Logo and Brand Colors

The page will continue to feature the college’s logo and brand colors on the login page and throughout the course. This won’t change with the new features, but you can expand your branding with the other options with the custom login page.

Keeping Students In The Ecosystem

With the new custom login page for TEL courses, students can feel as though these courses are part of the school’s ecosystem. Schools can take advantage of the additional branding features to make students feel comfortable on the platform and also tailor the message to encourage students where they are in their educational journey.

The custom login page is available through the site manager role for any current TEL partner school. For instructions on how to update your page, contact Instructional Services. For a demo of the TEL platform, including the login page, send us a message to get one scheduled.

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