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Online courses provide flexibility to your dual credit and general education courses. We license our highly engineered, online, general education courses to higher education institutions to support your online programs.

Available  Courses

American Government

A study of the concepts of the United States government

Chemistry I

A study of the composition of matter, the atom, chemical bonding, solutions, measurements, chemical nomenclature, stoichiometry, and thermochemistry

Chemistry I Lab

A comprehensive introduction to the laboratory study of chemistry.

Chinese I

A study of the basic communication skills in Modern Standard Chinese

College Algebra

A study of problem‐solving strategies that establishes a firm foundation for higher levels of mathematics.

College Readiness

A study of the expectations of college as well as learning strategies and skills proven to support a rewarding college experience

Introduction to Biology

A study of the structure, relationships, and diversity of life on earth from the cellular level to the function of ecosystems.

Introduction to Biology Lab

A study of lab safety and the laboratory study of life, exploring topics like the metric system using the microscope and the scientific method.

Introduction to Christianity

An introduction to Christianity in general as well as a foundation of lessons on the Bible and the origins of the faith.

Introduction to Communication

A study of basic communication theory and history, focusing on theory and application of appropriate communication techniques.

Introduction to Information Technology

A study of the theory and application of information technologies.

Introductory Reading and Writing

Develop capabilities in language use—reading, writing, and thinking—to prepare for future assignments and develop proficiency in college-level reading and writing.

Language and Composition

Language and Composition course covering a basic overview of grammar, essay analysis, and writing.

Latin I

A study of the basics of Latin grammar, syntax, and vocabulary.

Literature and Composition

A study in the close reading and critical analysis of the literary genres of the epic, poetry, drama, and prose, including novels, short stories, and essays.

Quantitative Analysis I

A study of basic and intermediate number sense, abstract quantitative concepts, algebraic concepts, geometry, and visual modeling, and probability.


A study of foundations of what it means to think on the margin and understand the key principles of economics.

Physical Sciences

A study of foundations of science, including skills, assumptions, and the role of technology in science.

Physical Sciences Lab

A study of fundamental concepts of physics and chemistry in the laboratory.

Principles of Psychology

A study of the basic concepts in psychology that analyze human behavior.

US History II

A study of the significant social, political, and economic developments from 1877 to the present.

US History I

A study of U.S. history through 1877, taking students from pre-Columbian events through the Civil War.

World Civilizations I

A study of world civilizations before 1492.

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World Civilizations I




Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship

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